Questions for Marcela Ceribelli

Marcela Ceribelli is the name behind Obvious Agency, a brand communication strategy and content agency focused on female narratives. CEO, creative director and now also podcaster on “Bom Dia Obvious”, Ceribelli proposes a new outlook on what brings women happiness.

Interview published at Stories Collective “Imagining the Future” Issue – 2019

What is Obvious Agency, and how did it come about?

Obvious is a content platform that seeks to promote female happiness through the creation of narratives, allowing brands to truly connect with women. It came about as a portfolio/moodboard that I used to keep and enjoy, until the point where we realized there was an engaged community thirsty for this type of content.

Why the focus on female narratives?

Throughout my growth and formation as a woman, I understood that the content consumed by the women around me was greatly responsible for their unhappiness. I grew up watching them hate their bodies, feeling incapable, and I saw they needed other narratives as a reference. And above all, because I’m fascinated by everything that involves the sacred feminine. I believe women strength has huge potential.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Everywhere. In my biking classes, in conversations with my friends, in the latest film or book. I seek out inspiration everywhere, but I research and reference as much as I can about the market and all the topics we talk about at Obvious

Why is it so important to talk about self-esteem and self-care on social media?

Depression and anxiety are the diseases of this century. Everyone is saturated with an overdose of information and news. We talk about self-esteem and self-care with the intent of creating breathing room in the feed to make people feel embraced :).

What is your relationship with fashion?

As an agency, Obvious has always had a strong connection with fashion advertising. We also use many references and see fashion as a tool for expression. I have personally rethought all the structures and moved toward purposeful, conscious and more sustainable consumption.

Do you believe that diversity and representativity will continue to grow in fashion?

What I see is that the discourse and flag waving has increased much among brands, but this still needs to be internalized. We should always question how much representativity and diversity exist on work teams at fashion brands.

Obvious is present on many online platforms (Instagram, podcasts, YouTube). Which do you feel best communicates your message?

Obvious’ main channel today is our Instagram profile (with over 200,000 followers). We have a very engaged and special community. We are beginning to build a new history with the podcasts, which I am loving. We use them to really explore conversations and I feel like I’m much closer to Obvious’ public.

How do you imagine the future?

I believe we will greatly change our relationship with technology, for our survival and mental health. I also believe in a large transformation in digital influence, which will be ruled more by relevance and content than by images. But, undoubtedly, I imagine a more sustainable near future in all ways, with sustainability as a basic purpose of life for everyone who lives on the planet.

* This interview was originally published in 2019 at Stories Collective Magazine / “Imagining the Future” Issue

Published by Mariana Lourenço

Mariana is a content creator, founder and editor of Stories Collective - an independent fashion & art magazine. A former fashion stylist, she has more than 12 years of experience in the creative industries in London, Berlin & São Paulo. A creative soul and change-maker, Mariana seeks to live a low-impact lifestyle and hopes to make the world a better place through her daily activism, collaboration with purpose-driven companies and yoga teaching. Currently living in Portugal, she dedicates her time to boosting the circular economy revolution as content editor of Ccrave.

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