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I provide fashion styling, creative direction, and content creation services for ethical fashion and wellness labels and also help people become mindful shoppers, learn how their consumer habits impact the world around them, and build truly sustainable, ethical, and inspiring wardrobes.

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Welcome to my world

I’m a fashion stylist, content creator, founder and editor of Stories Collective, with more than twelve years of experience in the creative industries in London, Berlin and São Paulo and around five years mainly focusing on sustainable fashion.

Combining my diverse set of skills from image production to marketing and storytelling, I help my clients promote their positive impact brands and message through thoughtful visual narratives and campaigns.

Besides, I love to interview change-makers inspiring transformation, revolution, innovation and diversity in the world.

2nd print edition of Stories Collective magazine published in 2019.

How can we solve the clothes waste problem?

Sustainability matters

I’ve been researching sustainability on the fashion supply chain since 2011 when I developed my first piece of work on exploitation in the fashion industry for my Master’s degree final project at London College of Fashion.

Besides, while living in Berlin (2015-2019) I collaborated with Green Fashion Tours and have built a strong network of sustainable fashion labels and advocates of the Fashion Revolution movement.

Passionate about vintage clothing and thrift store finds, I have also experienced in-depth the second-hand industry working for over a year for the non-profit Berliner Stadtmission sourcing for their charity shop and projects.

Selected Works

My Background

I graduated in Fashion Business with an emphasis in Marketing and have completed with distinction an MA in Media Production at the University of the Arts London. I have worked over twelve years in the creative industries in London, Berlin and São Paulo.

My career began in São Paulo working with fashion design, PR and assisting in luxury and lifestyle magazines. In 2011, I moved to London and started assisting renowned stylists for titles such as Vogue US, L’UOMO Vogue, I-D Magazine, T:The New York Times Style, Wonderland, as well as big advertising campaigns and even celebrities like Rihanna and Jude Law. Back in Brazil in 2013, I freelanced for Brazilian magazines such as Vogue and Glamour and took part on the costume design team of ‘Geração Brasil’ soap opera produced by TV Globo, the second-largest commercial TV network in the world.

In 2014, I founded my own magazine, Stories Collective, which started as a bilingual digital platform featuring the work of international creatives and over the years evolved to an annual print magazine and art exhibition funded by a government-run program by Brazil’s Ministry of Culture.

Searching for more purpose-driven opportunities, I moved to Berlin in 2015. There, I worked at the Berliner Stadtmission NGO, got involved in the Fashion Revolution movement, and collaborated with the sustainable fashion project Green Fashion Tours until the end of 2019, when I moved to Asia to fully engage in a Yoga journey. When Covid happened, I decided to make Thailand my new base, working with content creation and social media strategy for Yoga businesses while developing my new online service Mindful style for change makers.

Back in Europe in September 2021, I joined Ccrave, a circular economy platform, and e-commerce, as their Content Editor. This new job supported my dream of working fully remotely, so in December 2021, I was already back in South East Asia combining my passion for sustainable fashion, travel, content creation, and yoga. In May 2022, Ccrave had to close due to a lack of start-up investments so, in July 2022, I joined as a freelancer Community Manager.

2022 also brought news for Stories Collective thanks to a new round of funding. We decided to do a spin-off of the project and create a newspaper with an even more inclusive approach. Coletivo was born! An independent publication with 6 collectible editions focusing on the themes of entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology, creativity, wellness, and fashion, with free distribution in São Paulo, Brasil.

Fun fact about me

I am a dedicated yoga practitioner who loves sharing this passion with others. The practice of Yoga broadens my creativity and innovative thinking, in addition, brings me much more focus and clarity to my work.

At the end of 2019, I decided to take a break to go deeper into my yoga journey and travel to India and Thailand. Well, Covid happened and Thailand unexpectedly became home for a while. Now, thanks to remote work, you can find me practicing and teaching between Portugal and South East Asia.


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Mariana Lourenço

Is a fashion stylist, founder and editor of Stories Collective magazine. Passionate about vintage & second hand clothing and an activist for a more ethical, inclusive and sustainable fashion industry, she supports purpose-driven brands by bringing an editorial lens to campaigns and image production.

Besides, she also helps people become mindful shoppers and learn how their consumer habits impact the world around them.

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