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Questions for Marcela Ceribelli

Marcela Ceribelli is the name behind Obvious Agency, a brand communication strategy and content agency focused on female narratives. CEO, creative director and now also podcaster on “Bom Dia Obvious”, Ceribelli proposes a new outlook on what brings women happiness.

Questions for Johanna Jaskowska

The visual artist is the genius behind Beauty 3000, an Instagram filter with a plastic effect that went viral and became the favorite among influencers and artists. Passionate about technology and sci-fi movies, Johanna sees filters as digital accessories, and hopes in the future we will have well-designed augmented reality glasses so we can wear them in our daily lives.

The Simplicity Issue

For our first issue we explore the beauty that is simplicity. The Simplicity issue celebrates clean shapes, rationalist thinking, classic tailoring and its timelessness. A minimalist luxury, simple that is chic, simple yet luxurious. Garments that will never fall out of style, from casual to sophisticated, unpretentious looks that captivate us for its effortlessness.

8 days on the road

An ode to travel enthusiasts and the dreamers who set out to change the world shot in the countryside of São Paulo. Photography Tinko Czetwertynski Styling Gabriela Splendore & Mariana Lourenço Make up & Hair Melissa Freese Photography assistant Gabriela Gauziski Model Clarice Vitkauskas at WAY Design Papaya Madness.

Pastel Hues

A touch of color in this cute studio story shot in London. Photography Christine Kreiselmaier Styling Mariana Lourenço Make up Rebekah Lidstone Hair Niki Black Model Alicia Davis at Models1 Design Rebecca Hawkes

Drift Away

Photography Cassia Tabatini Styling Gabriela Splendore & Mariana Lourenço Make up & Hair Agnes Mamede at Capa Mgt Model Rebecca Gobbi at Way Retouching Boris Fratogianni Photography Assistant Gui Dalvi Design Lily Dunlop Artwork Vivian de Campos at Atelier Aberto.

Simplicity Manifesto

Celebrating the beauty of simplicity in this minimalistic story shot at the Trish House Yalding in
Kent, UK. Photography David Titlow Styling Gabriela Splendore & Mariana Lourenço Make up Claudine Blythman Hair Sofia Sjoo Model Marine Vanoutryve at Models 1 Digi Tech Rob Jarvis Lighting Assistant Christy White.

White Noise

Making a white background cool with graphic elements in this fun story shot in São Paulo.

Photography Nicole Fialdini Styling Gabriela Splendore & Mariana Lourenço Make up & Hair Jô Castro at Capa Set Design Dr Cenografia Model Ellen Pinaffi at Way Design Johanna Bonnevier.

Wild Side

A fun beach story shot in Juquehy.

Photography Eudes de Santana, Styling Mariana Lourenço & Gabriela Splendore, Makeup & Hair Flavio Lacerda at Capa MGT, Models Maria Flavia & Vanessa Moreira at Way, Design Rebecca Hawkes

Elemental Connection

An inspirational story of connection with nature, shot in Rio de Janeiro.

Photography Jeff Segenreich at Salt MGT Styling Mariana Lourenço Makeup & Hair Carolina Carpegiani at Salt MGT Model Mahany Pery at 40 Graus Styling Assistant Patrick Carvalho Design Rebecca Hawkes

Flower Market

A story all about flowers and plants, they are everywhere from prints, to props and backgrounds.

Photography Vanessa Diskin, Styling Mariana Lourenço & Gabriela Splendore, Makeup & Hair Bruno Cardoso, Model Maria Golob at Joy, Photography Assistant Victor Frezza, Design Lily Dunlop.

Autumn Anthem

Celebrating the autumn vibes in this casual studio story shot in São Paulo.

Photography Nicole Fialdini Styling Gabriela Splendore & Mariana Lourenço Make up & Hair Patrick Guisso at Capa Set Design Dr Cenografia Model Camila Mingori at Way Design Rebecca Hawkes.

Acting Basic

A beautiful editorial shot in the streets of Paris.

Photography Alice Berg Styling Gabriela Splendore & Mariana Lourenço Make up Aline Macouin Hair Quentin Guyen Model Raphaelle at New Maddison Design Bruno Tatsumi at U.I.WD.


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Hello there, I’m Mariana. I’m a fashion stylist, founder and editor of Stories Collective magazine and content creator, with more than twelve years experience in the creative industries in London, Berlin and São Paulo. 

Passionate about vintage & second hand clothing and an activist for a more ethical, inclusive and sustainable fashion industry, I support purpose-driven brands by bringing an editorial lens to campaigns and image production.

Besides I help people become mindful shoppers and learn how their consumer habits impact the world around them.

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