mindful style for change makers

Do you wanna make a positive impact in the world but don’t know how?
What about starting from your wardrobe?

I’m Mariana Lourenço. I help people to build truly sustainable and inspiring closets, make mindful shopping decisions and learn how their consumer habits influence the world around them.

Hi, I’m Mariana!

I’m a sustainable fashion expert, fashion stylist, editor and founder of Stories Collective magazine.

More than 10 years experience in the fashion industry in London, Berlin and São Paulo, working mainly with styling, magazines and sustainability, have taught me the best skills to curate amazing pieces, build visually inspiring narratives and wardrobes and find outstanding upcoming designers and new talents.

I believe a purpose-driven closet is for sure a great way to create a positive impact in the world and my goal is to inspire as most people as possible to shop more consciously.

Be the change!

We all have to get dressed right? Even naturalists do it sometimes! However, are you aware of the environmental, social, economical and political ways your clothing choices are influencing the world?

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry, and it also contributes a lot to modern slavery, exploitation, child labor, cultural appropriation, oppression and much more.

Yeah hun, that is all the karma an unconscious clothing choice can carry on! 

So now I ask you, do you wanna continue being part of the problem or are you ready to be part of the change? 

Are you ready

to be part of the change?

“Together we are more”
Artwork featured at Stories Collective Art in Motion exhibition, 2018.

How can I help you?

Can you imagine a sustainable fashion expert, stylist and magazine editor helping you to build a truly conscious wardrobe that expresses your identity and principles in a creative way?

Passionate about curating closets with a soul and developing inspiring visual narratives, I assist my clients determine their style, raise awareness on the impact of their clothing choices and be the change for a positive future.

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My Background

I graduated in Fashion Business with an emphasis in Marketing and have completed with distinction an MA in Media Production at the University of the Arts London. I have worked over 10 years in the creative industries in London, Berlin and São Paulo. Before transitioning my career to content creation and social media I have worked for several years as a stylist for news media and advertising where I developed my fashion, production and marketing skills and got a huge network of creatives worldwide.

My career began in São Paulo working with fashion design and PR. In 2011, I moved to London and started assisting renowned stylists for titles such as Vogue US, L’UOMO Vogue, I-D Magazine, T:The New York Times Style, Wonderland, as well as big advertising campaigns and even celebrities like Rihanna and Jude Law. Back in Brazil in 2013, I freelanced for Brazilian magazines such as Vogue and Glamour and took part on the costume design team of ‘Geração Brasil’ soap opera produced by TV Globo, the second-largest commercial TV network in the world.

In 2014, I founded my own magazine, Stories Collective, which started as a bilingual digital platform featuring the work of international creatives and over the years evolved to an annual print magazine and art exhibition funded by a government-run program by Brazil’s Ministry of Culture.

Searching for more purpose-driven opportunities, I moved to Berlin in 2015. There, I worked at the Berliner Stadtmission NGO, got involved in the Fashion Revolution movement and supported the sustainable fashion project Green Fashion Tours with social media management until 2019, when I came to Asia to fully engage in a Yoga lifestyle and improve my Yoga teaching skills. 

Currently, I use all my media and marketing skills to support yoga projects and purpose-driven brands bringing a fashion and editorial lens to content creation and digital marketing strategies. 


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Mariana Lourenço

Is an content creator, editor, activist and yoga teacher. She supports yoga projects and purpose-driven brands bringing a fashion and editorial lens to content creation and digital marketing strategies.

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