My Story

Some years ago I started to question my life choices, I realised my work as a fashion stylist was not completely aligned with my values and it was time for a change. I had been fully aware of the environmental and social issues involved in the production of clothes for a while and I realised I wanted to do something about it.  I started to research a lot about waste, pollution and its effects on the environment and how our daily attitudes influence the well-being of the planet. This brought about a whole change in behaviour seeking a more sustainable way of life, something completely connected with my spiritual growth where I try to follow the principles of non-violence (ahimsa), with affection for Mother Earth and all living beings.

Career Change

At that time I was living in Berlin, the sustainable fashion capital of the world, so I managed to get involved in different projects fighting for a more ethical fashion industry and got the opportunity to work with content creation and social media management in this niche market.

Besides that I continued to curate and edit Stories Collective, a digital platform I co-founded in 2014. In 2018 the project got approved in a government-run program by Brazil’s Ministry of Culture which allowed companies to fund cultural projects, and we were able to publish the first and second print editions of the magazine, where I took the role of Managing Editor. We also organised exhibitions at renowned art galleries in São Paulo with selected works published in Stories Collective.


During this journey of self-discovery and personal development, I started teaching Yoga by chance. When I decided to do my first 200hr training I did not have great aspirations to be a teacher, I wanted to simply deepen my practice and travel to India. When I completed the course in January 2017 I realised it was just the beginning of my journey, a foundation on the yoga path and something that brought me immense joy. Back in Berlin, I started teaching what I learned to friends and everybody loved the classes. The number of students grew and also the desire to learn and teach more. Because of that I escaped the European coldness and returned to Asia to study more about Yoga in the end of 2019. 

Now it is 700 hours of training in the curriculum, immersions in different Yoga styles, techniques learned from several Masters and classes taught in different countries.

What Now?

Currently dedicated to a yoga lifestyle I teach and help wellness and conscious business to spread their message to the world through content creation and media strategies. Having the freedom of working remotely I continue to edit and curate Stories Collective magazine from different locations worldwide. 

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My Background

It all started around 2007 when I completed a BA in Fashion Business and started my stylist career in São Paulo, freelancing for lifestyle and fashion magazines. In 2011 I moved to London to study a Master’s Degree at London College of Fashion where I graduated with distinction on the MA Fashion Media Production program, presenting a project about alternative media and fair fashion.

During my time in London, I also put a lot of energy getting all the knowledge I could about fashion styling and media. I completed an internship at Wonderland magazine and worked as a freelance assistant for renowned stylists Caroline Newell, William Gilchrist, Mel Ottenberg and Cathy Kasterine among others. With them, I had the opportunity to work on photo shoots for titles such as Vogue US, L’UOMO Vogue, I-D Magazine, T:The New York Times Style, as well as a few campaigns and celebrities like Rihanna and Jude Law. In London, I also did many independent projects to build up my own portfolio, and several important collaborations and jobs including styling for Mariana Jungmann’s first collection and Catherine Wales’ 3D pieces; photos which later were selected as a campaign for the University of the Arts London and spread all over London.

Back in Brazil in 2013, I freelanced for Brazilian magazines Glamour and Vogue among other titles and brands. I then lived in Rio de Janeiro for a while where I took part on the costume design team of ‘Geração Brasil’ soap opera produced by TV Globo, the second-largest tv network and the largest producer of telenovelas in the world. Freelancing for big titles and companies was really fun but I could not contain my own ideas and decided to join forces with my friend, the Art Director Gabriela Splendore, on the development of Stories Collective, a platform with inspiring fashion stories. We invested a lot of time and energy to create our beautiful magazine; we produced and styled photoshoots in London, Paris and São Paulo with the aim of creating a truly international project based on collaborations. Apart from that, in 2015 I started working with the Brazilian Hip Hop trio Pearls Negras. I styled them for two music videos and their Europe Tour which included a presentation at Glastonbury Festival. After the job was done, I went to Berlin to spend the summer. I fell in love with the city so badly that I decided to stay a bit longer… almost 5 years! There I dedicated my time to the curation and editing of Stories Collective, I worked at the Berliner Stadmission NGO sorting and pricing second-hand and vintage clothes, got involved in the Fashion Revolution Germany and also supported the sustainable fashion project Green Fashion Tours with content and media management. In September 2019 I finally decided to leave Berlin and take the time to focus on my Yoga practice while working remotely on ongoing projects.

Mariana Lourenço

Is an content creator, editor, activist and yoga teacher. She supports yoga projects and purpose-driven brands bringing a fashion and editorial lens to content creation and digital marketing strategies.

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